How does a „Something Else” - workshop differ from any other dance or theatre workshop?

We offer you a wide-ranging concept in order to approach the topic of ‘being different’, including all its aspects like reception, tolerance, acceptance, construction of identity, etc. Content and form (artistic means) are closely intertwined. Due to a wide choice of approaches (picture book, teaching material, dance-theatre workshop, performance) it is possible to gain many different experiences.

Is the project only intended for children or is it possible for adults to participate too?

The ‘complete edition’ is made for children of age 4 to 10. Novel, teaching material and the production’s staging mainly addresses to children. But the topic of ‘being different’ is also relefvant for adults and can thus be explored during a workshop. Maybe at your next company outing?

What kind of room is needed for a workshop?

An empty room of at least 90 qm with a floor that enables moving barefooted or in socks. A classroom with tables and chairs pushed aside is not suitable since it bears of risk of accidents and also detracts from what is really important.

How many persons can participate in a workshop?

It makes sense to have a group which has at least 8 and not more than 20 participants. If there are too many people in one group it is wise to think about splitting the group.

What is the teacher’s role during a workshop?

The teachers / group leaders participate in the workshop. That means they complete the same ‘program’ as the kids / other participants do. On the one hand we want to avoid creating a spectator-situation, which would make it difficult for one or the other to actively participate. On the other hand it showed that it also enables an extraordinary way of getting to know each other for both, the group leaders and the children.
Furthermore the group leaders help out with smaller problems, e.g. going to the toilet with the kids and similar things.

What do participants have to bring with them?

Comfortable clothes, anti-slip socks / gym shoes, a water bottle.

Do I as a teacher have to prepare something for the workshop?

Our concept intends to deal on a wide range with the topic. This also implies dealing with the novel which can be greatly integrated into school or kindergarten every-day life. In advance it will be talked about how to thematically cooperate. For further information see ‘Thematic Cooperation’ and ‘Integration in schools’. Should it not be possible to do so for whatever reasons, it is still not an obstacle for having a workshop.

How long does the workshop take?

We recommend 3 to 5 days and 2 hours per day in order to process and intensify new impressions. A workshop has to take at least 2 hours.

If I want to obtain a workshop, do I have to have a performance?

No, we are also glad to provide a workshop without a performance.

If I want to obtain a performance, do I have to have a workshop?

No, it is possible to invite our production as guest performance without doing a workshop. A subsequent talk with us could complete the event.

I’m interested in the topic as well as in the workshop offer and production, but I think my class is too old for a children’s book. Is it still possible to have a workshop or a performance?

Yes, we design workshops for different age groups. For example, when we worked with children of a 4th and 5th grade, the picture book was only dealt with marginally; instead, after seeing the performance, they summarized their personal impressions and experiences in own stories – or worked as ‘theatre detectives’ in order to define elements from the workshop within the actual performance. On the strength of past experiences it showed that also older children and adults were inspired by the production’s staging.

At my school / kindergarten 2 classes / groups are interested in the workshop.
Should only these groups be able to see the performance?

No, the performance does not depend on our workshop offer and is an extraordinary theatre experience. Moreover it is possible to generate more money by having a larger audience.

Which requirements should a performance space meet?

Stage: at least 7 x 7 m, not more than 11 x 11 m, has to be possible to darken the room
Attachment device for projector (central, 7 – 11 m distance to the back of the stage)
Basically it is possible to use a gymnasium, a multifunctional room, the auditorium and similar rooms for a performance. Still it is important to note that often stage equipment and dance floor have to be organized.
If there was the possibility of using a local, fully equipped theatre or another event room including professional event technology, it would make a guest performance much easier and maybe even cheaper. Naturally, we will assist the coordination and acquisition of stage technique.