Mirror dance
Mirror dancephotod.p.directorfrom the left to the rightyear2013©disdance projectcomment

All games / exercises / experiments put participants in situations where they encounter their rather unknown other, feel for them, communicate with them.

Example: „Mirror dance”

One is the other’s reflection in the mirror. Knowing that all movements (no matter what) have to be executed synchronically, like a human and his reflection in the mirror, leads to an increased awareness for one’s own acting as well as to a concentration for the other.

lead - follow
lead - followphotod.p.directorfrom the left to the right5th Grade Creglingenyear2013©disdance projectcomment

Example: „To lead / to follow”

All participants are like magnets connected to each other and thus lead their own or follow their partner’s movement. This can be done in pairs or in smaller or bigger groups. This magnetic connection can affect different body parts.