All games / experiments / tasks base their effect on a relaxed atmosphere. We believe that being keen on experiments and creativity can only exist where there is space and time to feel.

scene:  "Something Else"
scene: „Something Else”photoThomas Josekdirectorfrom the left to the rightyear2012©disdance projectcomment

A relaxed atmosphere is supported by

- reception, feeling one's own body, body expression
- concentration on the other
- the game, experiencing with one's own imagination and with that of the others
- individually and collectively undergoing, experiencing, tracing and reflecting of a process
- development of emotions
- boredom which is not suffocated but used to create something new 

trip of imagination
trip of imaginationphotod.p.directorfrom the left to the rightyear2013©disdance projectcomment

Relaxes the body and moves the spirit, extends possibilities within a real life mode. We dream ourselves to different places while also being someone else, only to find back to us.