Radio8 | by Arno Boas | 19.Februar 2013

featureon the occasion of the major project’s opening at Feuchtwangen
In preparation of our project days in Feuchtwangen there was an interview with area manager Erika Weimer, who organized and coached the project for the city of Feuchtwangen.

W.I.B | by PM | 21.Februar 2013 full review

Fränkische Landeszeitung | by Jasmin Kiendl | 21.Februar 2013 full review

„One cannot begin early enough to playfully confront children with the topic of ‘being different’, completely without finger wagging, emphasized Stefan Fink, board member of the financial institute.”
The project is seen as enabling pioneer work, and also represents a huge enrichment of educational work at local schools and kindergartens, emphasized the mayor.

W.I.B | by Peter Tippl | 28.Februar 2013 full review

„Accepting the other they way he or she is, acceptance regardless of skin colour or characteristics and specialties, this is the educational approach. This is so exiting since people from about 60 nations live in Feuchtwangen, a city where many have a special relationship with the people of Lebenshilfe, says Patrick Ruh. The initiative is based on André Lehnert being hired as an actor at the Kreuzgangspiele. Lehnert already embodied bold Siegfried in the Saga of the Nibelungs, and his charisma as well as his partner Paula Scherf’s choreographic skills simply amazed.”
„The mayor immediately seized a chance and in collaboration with the Sparkasse foundation, the Bavarian cultural ministry and the IHK’s cultural foundation (Industrie- und Handelskammer Mittelfranken) established a financial framework.”
„A brilliant approach for children and teenagers towards dealing with tolerance, inclusion and integration, and acceptance of fellow human beings, explained Stefan Fink the reasons for his financial institute to support the project. And mayor Patrick Ruh stated that it was a stroke of luck having a „classical big city project” being realized in the city center of Feuchtwangen.”

Radio8 | von Arno Boas | 28.Februar 2013

Interview with a 5th gradeshortly after the workshop | in german language
Children of a 5th grade in Feuchtwangen answer questions of a radio journalist about their experiences in our workshop.

Radio8 | by Arno Boas | 28.Februar 2013

Featureon the occasion of ending the workshop phase
Immediately after the workshop has ended the interviews with Paula Scherf and André Lehnert were made.

Radio8 | by Arno Boas | 04.März 2013

Featureon the occasion of the project’s end in Feuchtwangen
Right after the 2 performances at the end of our project days there was a press conference, during which this review and the interviews with Paula Scherf and André Lehnert were made.

Fränkische Landeszeitung | by Jasmin Kiendl |05.März 2013 full review

„A one-week workshop phase with Lehnert and Scherf including five kindergartens at the city area and the city – and land school, where about 140 children participated, was followed up by the performance of the children’s book multimedia dance-theatre version last morning. A worthy end, as mayor Patrick Ruh noted.”
„A continuation would be welcome. The reaction of all participating institutions was positive, added area manager Erika Weimer. Even behavioral changes amongst children are noticeable.”