Herakles des Euripides

Peppalina Pappelotti


The Day My Father Became a Bush

Multimedia-based Dance Theatre
for people aged from 9

A adventure-comic-trip about war and escape.
A grotesque journey to elsewhere.

Bild: Logo des Projektes "Und was kommt nach tausend?"

And What Comes After a Thousand?

Multimedia-based Dance Theatre
for people aged between 7 and 99

A play about Live and Dead, about the time and the infinity.
Comic, touching and comforting. An ode to the Sein.

Something Else

Multimedia-based dance theatre
for people of age 4+

Encountering the unknown. Confusing. Bizarre. Poetic. Comic.

Logo- Ein Bericht für eine Akademie

A Report to an Academy

A Co-Production with Coop05
Nominated for the Cologne Theatre Award 2008

Logo - Solaris


As Co-Producer of Coop05




A film about relationships and their fragility, the internal and external perception.