Mirka Flögl

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Mirka Flögl
Mirka FlöglphotoWolfgang Stolzdirectorfrom the left to the rightMirka Flöglyear2012©commentPhoto: Wolfgang Stolz

… born in former Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia). During the age of the Iron Curtain the storms of history led her to Western German Bonn. Already as a child she played smaller parts at Bonn’s opera and sang in its children’s choir. Since then she also trained in classical ballet and modern dance. After she took her A-levels and finished her training as office clerk, she studied acting at Arturo Drama School Cologne.

Afterwards she worked at different theatres in Cologne. For instance, she played Squenz in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Orangerie Cologne, Rosa in “mobil” at Theater Tiefrot, the “Marquise von O.” in the correspondent piece at Horizont – Theater, or participated in “Deportation Cast” at Theater im Bauturm. Mirka Flögl is married and lives in Cologne.
In „Something Else” she portrays the Else.
For „And what comes after a thousand?” she assists.